All-Private Rooms

Teresian House is unique in that each and every room in the building is private. This is so important for healing and allowing a sense of independence for our guests and residents. Further, there are therapeutic advantages, particularly, for short-term guests who have the ability to live on their own schedule and own terms.


Neighborhood Living

Living for our residents and short-term guests is warm and inviting within several of our neighborhoods within Teresian House. Each neighborhood has its own fully equipped kitchen and dining area which is assessable to the residents 24 hours a day. Each neighborhood has a interdisciplinary team that manages the neighborhood, a Social Worker to assist residents with various concerns, an activity person to promote socialization, a primary registered nurse (RN) who is in charge of coordinating all medical concerns, as well as certified nursing aides (CNAs), and housekeeping staff.  Each neighborhood works together to meet the needs of its residents by performing “global” duties.  This means that everyone helps with meals, answering call lights, doing activities and any other concerns that may arise. 

The family feel of each neighborhood provides a more personalized experience for each resident, enhancing their quality of life or short-term experience during a rehabilitative stay.


Respite Care

For those in need of short-term respite care, Teresian House offers a homelike atmosphere, nursing care and special activities for short and temporary stays. All regular services provided to long-term residents are also available to those under respite care.