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As more and more seniors are staying active longer and planning to stay active for years to come, Teresian House is now offering a short-term rehabilitation specialty to enhance our residents’ quality of life. With a full team of physical therapists (PTs), Occupational Therapists (OTs) and Speech Therapists, we will work to renew our residents’ energy, strength and abilities. In addition, with all-private rooms at Teresian House, it is a perfect atmosphere to our guests to recover and rejuvenate in peace.

Rehabilitation & Restorative Services

Restoring a greater level of independence is our primary goal at Teresian House. We measure success by helping our guests and residents lead fuller, more active lives.

Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies are tailored to meet individual needs. Our team designs specific programs and incorporates the most appropriate clinical interventions including exercise, treatment modalities, and therapeutic activities related to daily living.

Hospitality Services

2023 Dining Distinction Award Winner

Unidine and the Teresian House have demonstrated excellence in dining, impacted the quality of life through dining for the residents, while promoting good nutrition and the use of creativity in addressing their needs. This award showcases the team's achievements and accomplishments, in the areas of teamwork, innovation, customer service, and operational contribution.

The Hospitality and Culinary team in the short-term rehab unit take pride in creating a dining experience which emulates home life. There are two community kitchens in our rehabilitation unit. The kitchens are staffed by full-time culinarians, each team member providing three daily meals to our residents.

Healthy nutrition is the cornerstone of our short term rehab unit. Naturally, it is our responsibility to provide them with sustenance in order to ensure a timely recovery. Our dedication to nutrition begins with Unidine’s Fresh Food Pledge. We pride ourselves on scratch cooking and using quality ingredients in all of our food. The quality of our menu provides a variety of meals which showcases the creativity of our culinary team. Our team greatly utilizes our “Always Available” options to provide reasonable effort in providing meals with sufficient nutritional value. An integral part of nutrition lies in keeping our residents properly hydrated. Situated within our community kitchens are our hospitality carts, featuring “Hydrate for Health” stations; a display which presents a unique daily infused water selection. Residents are encouraged to visit the hospitality carts as often as they’d like, ideally with their personal Teresian House water vessel, which is presented to them upon admission. As a team, we attempt to set the tone of our hospitality upon welcoming our new residents into the building. At this time, a member of our management team greets our resident to the unit and provides them with some materials; most notably our “Always Available” menu. While the menu already stands out with its offerings, our team encourages new admissions to use this menu as a baseline to anything that they feel would be an enjoyable meal. We ask that the resident not be bashful, and if there is a special meal that they just need to have, we will make it happen for them.

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